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Get your genetic makeover here! How would you look with your best friend's smile? Or your dog's nose?

With The Home Gene-Splicing Kit iPhone app, you can mix and match faces from people, animals, and new monster “Gene Donors” to make your own breed of crazy "Mutants."

Gene-splicing has never been so easy. Simply choose the Head, Eyes, Nose and Mouth you want and, voila! Instant Mutant! It’s fiendishly addictive fun.

Make funny, freaky, silly, scary, weird and wild faces. There are literally thousands of possible combinations!

The "What It Does" button to the left will show you how easy it is to turn your friends, family, and even pets into custom mutants! Check out the "Gallery" to see some examples.

Get your Home Gene-Splicing Kit to make your own funny, freaky, silly, scary, surprising, stunning, weird and wild faces!

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